Online File Storage vs. External Hard Drives

Online File Storage vs. External Hard Drives

Online File Storage vs. External Hard Drives

Every day we accumulate an incredible amount of online data. Keeping it safe is a priority both personally and in business. But which type of file storage is best?

We put Online File Storage and External Hard Drives to the test in the categories of Capacity and Cost, Easy of Use and Security. Let Battle commence.

Capacity and Cost:

A good size external hard drive will set you back around approximately $200 for around 3TB of space. Not bad, but once it’s full, it’s full. Online file storage providers on the market vary but there are some available who charge as little as $4.95 a month for unlimited storage. This

 is great news if you’re a heavy user of cloud storage, but even the most expensive providers are only around $12.00 per month for unlimited space.

Ease of Use:

External Hard drives are shrinking making them easier to transport about, they also don’t need to be connected to the internet in order for you to be able to access your files.

Online file storage can suffer at the hands of large files or slow internet connections, but by storing your files online you are able to access them via any internet ready device i.e. Mobile phone, Tablet, Laptop or PC at any time, from anywhere.


External hard drives run the risk of falling foul of natural disaster or human error much like the PC or Laptop they are duplicated from. They can also be lost or stolen and unless encrypted the files can easily be deleted or altered.

Although online file storage can still be targeted by people with malicious intent, the chances of them being successful is limited thanks to the high levels of encryption incorporated into their service. Users can also rest assured that by storing their data online, it is safe from theft and viruses.